Tools? You Possess Them From Day One.

So you have over the last few years or months set yourself up to recover gold very efficiently…. Detector, sluice, pans, and other stuff ya found online or heard of others using and you are ready to hunt right? welllllllll maybe where are you going with your new stuff and why? Why what you say? what makes you think the spot you are going is “the one”? There are just a few questions you need to ask yourself my friends.

The thing is that in the year 2018 we have many more options with which to prospect for and recover gold. Yes I said recover, why? Your metal detector, sluice, #2 shovel, drywasher or any other gizmo you own only is able to find gold after YOU have done that yourself. Sorry folks, but ya can’t just “wing it” when it comes to gold prospect, nugget shooting, panning or any way you put it. You must do research like where they been, what they found, what did they find it with, how deep, and on and on and….

NO IT IS NOT EASY!!!!!!!!! sorry I yelled, but if you wans to become a prospector or miner there is allot of work involved and a multitude of was to process material once you feel it is worth time, fuel, equipment, and effort…. whoops I left out profit. Yep, yep I did because for the casual miner doing it for the pure enjoyment of spending time outdoors with friends is no looking for “profit” though it is the topic around many a campfire it may not be why you are even there.

Then you have the big buck miners that invest millions to make millions (or hope to) again the fact remains research and perhaps a tough of luck is the key to success. Always has been always will… You folks get lucky and hit it big tripping over an outcrop of gold, but more hit it big cramming their head full of the info to lead them to the metal they seek. Do you want to depend on luck or a little history, geology, and serious research?

I pick #2

I will save how for other posts or seminars I do, but YOU are the key to success, simple as that.


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