Minelab Gold Monster 1000

Well as most know the Gold Monster 1000 from Minelab has been available for several months and there is allot of them in the goldfields as I type this and more folks are finding that first nugget in just hours or days of learning how to use their new gold detector.


This is what it is all about and Minelab has once again changed the Nugget Shooting side of mining forever with a 24 bit micro processor combined with a 45 kHz VLF metal detector with true ferrous/non-ferrous discrimination at the push of a button. To top that off the detector is also fully automatic with the only adjustments on it being Sensitivity, volume, deep all metal, and shallow with discrimination that will truly mask the sound of most hot rocks and iron targets very quickly.

As I used this detector more and more I quickly learned that I can hear larger targets at better depth than other VLF units and also smaller bits that my previous favorite GB 2 at better depth and clear as a bell since the Gold Monster 1000 has no threshold tone to listen to as in other VLF detectors. Yep it runs silent which takes the confusion out of searching hot ground and trying to keep the detector stable enough to hear small or deep targets making very easy to learn even for a beginner.

I have tried many times to “fool” this detector when it is in the Shallow/Discriminate setting and time and time again it has been correct and only weighing just over a couple pounds it is a very welcome addition to my tool box of detectors as my go to VLF when my GPZ 7000 or SDC 2300 will not fit the area or circumstances in the area I plan to hunt.

What does this mean to the average hobbyist, club member, or serious prospector? To put it bluntly there is nothing better out there for beginner or pro detector wise designed for gold nugget hunting that can hold a candle to this newest offering from Minelab in my opinion and the price at less than 800.00 is better than even its closest competition.


So if you are wanting to get into gold nugget hunting with a metal detector and find nuggets as small as the ones above and up I would suggest you take a good long look at the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 and when you decide to get yours please remember to buy from a dealer that will train you! This is way more important than saving a few bucks and not understanding your new detector. This is new technology and even long time nugget shooters learned quickly this is a very different type of detector and training can make a huge difference in how long it takes to find that first nugget.

This is a link from Minelab with detailed information from Jonathan Porter Mastering the GM 1000

There is much more info here at my site about the GM 1000 for those interested, Nugget Shooter Store


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